Exit Humanity (2011)

Worth it? Yes
Just got done watching Exit Humanity. About a man who fought for the South during the Civil War and how he survives a zombie incursion in 1871. It is by far one of the BEST zombie movies I have ever seen, especially since its a lower budget movie. As a non-zombie movie it is just as good.
It is not overly graphic, they make use of a voice over with Brian Cox and liberal use alternative sequences to overcome the lack of budget and to keep the focus on the man. The story is “based” on a journal found from a previous zombie incursion and tells it from the man’s point of view.
It is less about zombies (they are a major part, but the zombies waves are not the focus), and more about a man overcoming the loss of everything and how he builds it back.
I can’t recommend a movie more, especially considering how horrible zombie movies have become.
Oh, and sorry no vlog today, just text 🙂

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