Jurassic World Review and Date

Worth it? a vague yes.

Jello and I went out to see Jurassic World last night and I have to say overall that it was a thumbs up. It is a hesitant thumbs up, but a thumbs up nonetheless. I will try not to post any spoilers, but I can not guarantee it.

As for the date night itself, it was pretty  normal. We rushed from home when Jello got home to the theater and sank into the seats. I was surprised at how packed it was on a Monday early evening, but it did break records so it makes sense now. Overall for the date itself, it was wonderful. I love hanging with Jello and while nothing out of the ordinary happened, just being with him makes me happy.

For the review, I think I will start with the smallest part of the write up, the good part. JW was fantastic in the dinosaur fights. It was hands down a theater experience (and in full disclosure we saw it 2D, not 3D). Even with that the dinosaurs were fantastic.

Weirdly enough I found the Indominus Rex the least interesting. I loved the raptors and the T-rex and of course the Mosasaur. I was disappointed at the lack of focus for the herbivore dinosaurs, but it was still pretty good. The fighting was absolutely fantastic, but I won’t go into details because that is a spoiler.

Now let’s go to the cons of the movie. First and foremost I was disappointed with Chris Pratt. Don’t get me wrong, he did fine, but he doesn’t really do it for me as a “serious” action hero. He was awesome as Star Lord because there was always a bit of humor with the character. As a generic action character he was just “meh”. I also really disliked the sexist comments he was making to the main female lead (OMG I don’t even remember her character name) when they were at his place

The next part I was disappointed with was the rest of the interpersonal action. All the interpersonal relationship stuff was pretty damn flat. It was all tropes, combined with lazy acting. The only person who I felt had a real personal flair wasn’t Chris Pratt, it was Irfan Khan. Not sure what I liked about his performance as the man in charge, but it was better than pretty much everyone else. I think it really had to do with the positive outlook he had.

I also didn’t like Bryce Dallas Howard (I finally found “Beth’s” actress name when I was looking up Mr Khan), but I don’t blame her acting itself. Rather the whole treatment of heras a character was fairly sexist (the whole heels in the jungle was only the tip of annoying). It was the same treatment women got in the late 80s/early 90s. The absolute worst part was when she was told she couldn’t understand kids until she had them (and it was a when, not an “if”). Stereotyping was horrible in the movie.

The final dislike was a personal issue, I forgot it was a “PG” movie, with dinosaurs eating people and other dinosaurs, it felt unsatisfactory, like it was a child’s movie. Which, it was of course. It felt like I was watching a movie made for TV in that aspect (the effects were great, the gore not so much).

So overall I recommend seeing it, just don’t expect good acting, good stereotypes for women or men, but do expect some awesome dinosaur action.


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