Assassin’s Creed: The Movie (2016)

Worth it? Meh…

Assassin’s Creed the Movie… a general “meh”.

Today we got to go see Assassin’s Creed in the theater. We decided to avoid the 3D and just go to a standard showing. We had heard a lot of people didn’t like it, and the extra money or headache from watching 3D wasn’t worth it.

I do have to say it isn’t as bad as other video game movies. Also let’s say I am sometimes not the pickiest as evidenced by my desire to go see Resident Evil this year.

I was a bit disappointed. I think they could have done more with it. The actors, especially Michael Fassbender did fine. The action was really good. Let’s be honest that is what most people go to see it for. The plot and the actual movie quality itself where the problem.

The plot tried to do too much, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the game and the intricate plot there. Michael Fassbender’s character and the doctor’s characters both went through “will they/won’t they” moments. Would they be bad, would they be good. In the end I still couldn’t figure what the doctor was doing. Did she stay with the Templars or did she want to join the Assassins?

The biggest issue though was the quality of the movie itself. It was so dark of a film, not a gritty dark violent movie, I mean a seriously the film is so dark I can’t tell who is who on inside scenes. Both the hubby and myself couldn’t see what was going on and I personally was worried I was going blind or something, but no, the film was dark itself. I can’t tell if the dark was because of filming for 3d or a stylish choice, either way, no good!

The good: Very cool fight scenes, the actors actually were decent for this level of movie.

The bad: plot twists, and how dark the actual projection of the movie was.

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