Get Out (2017)

Worth it? Yes, Absolutely hands down you must see it!

I had heard this was a great movie, and I was not disappointed.

I will first agree that as a white male, no matter how poor I grew up there is a lot of privilege and safety in who I was born as. I haven’t had to walk in the shoes of a minority like that so my view on this is of course from the outside.

I don’t understand how its determined a comedy/horror movie. There were a couple of amusing parts but the whole thing reads like a horror movie, a very well written, well directed, well acted horror movie.

The movie itself is a slow build up from the beginning. The actual action of the movie only starts towards the end, but Peele’s story keeps you enthralled anyways. I really found myself liking the main character Chris and I was rooting for him the whole movie. His girlfriend Rosie wasn’t my favorite as a character, but the actress did great herself it was just the character I didn’t like.

The hero of the movie to me though was Rod. He was pretty funny, and maybe that is why they call it a comedy, but I found he stole the show for me.

The trailers are pretty straight forward with the story, but you will still enjoy it and there are still surprises. By the end of the movie I didn’t trust white people and I pretty much embarrassed to be white by the end, although in full disclosure I don’t really trust white people anyways and am embarrassed by them regularly, but that is beside the point.

I can’t recommend it enough that people should see this movie.

The good: I was impressed with how much the story stuck with me. It was full of great acting, directing and writing and I would be happy to pay theater prices again to see more of Peele’s stuff if he does this type of horror again.

The bad: Nothing bad that I could point to.

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