Goliath (tv show)



Creator:  David E. KelleyJonathan Shapiro
Stars: Billy Bob ThorntonTania RaymondeNina Arianda 
Original Network: Amazon
Original Release: October 13, 2016 – present

Worth it?  Definitely a good watch


A disgraced lawyer, now an ambulance chaser, gets a case that could bring him redemption or at least revenge on the firm which expelled him.


Season 1

Worth it? Yes

A good law procedural with my favorite subject… defense contractors. It lives up to the theme, David vs Goliath.

Billy Bob Thornton is back in this series as a washed up high powered lawyer. Once one of the leading lawyers in a large law firm that he helped create, he now drinks his troubles away and barely gets by. He picks up an accidental death case that reeks of fraud and conspiracy against a defense contractor.

The story is very well written and I think they did the right thing by running it only as an 8 episode season. It gave it enough time to tell a good story, but not drone on too far.

There was definitely a couple of “oh shit” moments, as it has action as well as legalese. In fact I would say it goes more with a layman’s view then trying to portray the intricacy of the law. It does this to great effect, keeping you interested.

Pros: Good acting, the story is kept short enough to be interesting without going too far.

 Cons: The character Brittany Gold, I hate the prostitute who can’t get her life together trope, the actress herself is fine.

I recommend it.


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