Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)

Worth it? Yes

If you liked the first movie, you won’t be disappointed.

Volume 2 is a good continuation of the first movie. The same chemistry is there, and the actors and actresses are obviously comfortable in their zone. While in that zone there is several new and older characters that make their appearance. My favorite new character is Mantis. I really think her and Drax would make a good couple (yes I am a romantic).

I don’t think this is too spoilery, but Quill gets to meet his father, and I think they made an excellent choice by selecting Kurt Russell. It felt natural, and even though I saw the character arc with his dad it was interesting. As a side note there are several cameos that are great as well.

My favorite character though in this one was Yando. I like Michael Rooker in a lot of things, but I really think this is my favorite role of his. The relationship between Quill and him, and the actual story behind his raising of Quill made him a very satisfactory character.

The movie itself is full of good actions scenes, and even though I really wasn’t fond of the golden Sovereign, it was a lot of fun to watch. I even enjoyed the 5 after credits scenes, my favorite involves Groot and Quill. I do have to say that movies are getting out of hand with after credit scenes. Couldn’t they just put it at the end of the movie and not make us wait 10 minutes through credits?

It is definitely a see in the theater kind of movie.

The good: It is more of the same as Volume 1, with the addition of more Rooker and some funny cameos.

The bad: I didn’t particularly like the sovereign, and after credit scenes have to stop.

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