Wonder Woman (2017)

Worth it? Yes, this is the one superhero movie you should see.

This is one of the best movies this year so far, and the best DC movie ever.

I knew Wonder Woman was going to be good. There was just too much good press, too many great reviews and too many of my friends that were gushing. I was ready to be disappointed because almost anything couldn’t live up to that hype, but it did.

Gal Gadot is a wonderful actress. She really came across as someone who was engaged in a childhood quest and learned the realities of life that make those quests never what they were supposed to be. She did action very well, just more proof that women and action movies should be together. She carried great humor, and just overall sold that role.

I have a love-hate-hate relationship with DC. I did like all the Batman’s, I liked the original superman (RIP Christopher Reeves), and I think Ben Affleck did really well as Batman in the most recent Batman V Superman. However lately the DC movies have just sucked, and sucked hard. I did have a bit of a fun time with Suicide Squad, but I did not enjoy Batman V Superman at all. In fact I was worried before the movie came out that Ms. Godot would have sucked. However, this movie has shown that Zack Snyder did her a disservice (and the fans as well) when he didn’t focus on her more in that movie. She might have saved that movie.

Oh, and I didn’t mention Man of Steel, that is because both the movie and the actor are in the  worst list of DC movies (which rank lower than other super hero movies, so it makes it pretty low).

One more point, Patty Jenkins was an awesome director. I suspect most if not all of the reason this movie was great

The good: Everything about this movie is good, the action, the acting, the director, all of it.

The bad: The feeling I am going to have when I go back to the next DC movie that isn’t Patty Jenkins or Gal Godot.

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