Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)

Worth it? Meh… This movie is so meh that I forgot to post a review.

I will come forward and say I am still a fan of the series. I will still probably go see the next movie, if they have one. Also, while this is a very middle of the road type movie, it is still way better than the last couple of installments have been. The writing is better, the direction seems better, and the story is not so random, well there is some randomness but its a Pirates of the Caribbean movie so that is expected.

There really isn’t a lot of negative about the movie per se. The only thing really cringeworthy was the CGI younger characters. Just didn’t quite work for me, but I don’t know if that is because the CGI sucks, or if I am just seeing things differently then others due to colorblindness (sometimes that throws things off). The story itself wasn’t bad in most parts, a bit predictable but nothing to be shocked about.

However, I am really tired of zombie or other forms of undead pirates. Seriously, couldn’t they have come up with a villain that wasn’t undead? Even on the top of my head you could pick up some sort of fairy/elven type thing. Call them Atlantean and maybe Jack screwed them over in the past. Hell, I would take werewolf pirates just to make it different. I did appreciate the Cthulhu nature of Davy Jones, but that wasn’t enough for me.

They could also avoid the whole paranormal creature hunting him and why not a human wizard, or the Catholic church with some mysticism (full disclosure I was raised Catholic so no I don’t think they are Satanists and thats why they should be villains). There is plenty of options that don’t involve the same undead CGI.

However, like I said I would go see the next installment. Oh, and there is a stinger in mid and end credits so you won’t waste your time too much if you wait for it.

The good: Wrapped up some earlier plotlines… sort of.

The bad: Nothing was bad really, just sort of blah.

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