Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Worth it? Yes

I was very surprised, I liked the movie quite a lot.

I have to say I expected this to totally suck. I am so tired of Spiderman reboots that I want to scream. I liked Sam Raimi’s Spider Man, I hated the reboot and this was seeming on a suck trajectory as well.

I am tired of origin stories, and I am tired of high school and this seemed to be both an origin/reboot and high school characters. I wasn’t even sure about going, but the husband wanted to see it so I agreed.

I am glad I agreed, and I can say I was wrong. I am still not keen on high school age. I have a hard time identifying with high school now that I am 3 times the age of the character. However, it was written very well. It did follow some tropes but it tended to write them in a way that kept it interesting. Even his teen angst at being kept back from doing real superhero work wasn’t overwhelming and just felt right.

It wasn’t a reboot origin story. I had assumed this would be the movie showing how Peter Parker got his powers and arrived at Captain America’s movie. I was wrong, this continued after the movie and didn’t bore you with flashbacks or callback to his origin. It was refreshing, I liked meeting MJ and his sidekick was pretty damn cool.

The biggest surprise that made it as good as it was, was casting Michael Keaton as a blue collar turned villain. It is the only blue collar bad guy that I have seen that felt right. Keaton is a great actor, the story was written well and I really liked what happened at the end. How he talked with Spiderman and how he dealt with his own family.

I definitely recommend the movie, and I will definitely be seeing the next one that comes down the road.

The good: Michael Keaton, the lack of an origin story on film, and just the acting and writing overall.

The bad: Teenagers, I like it, but I would like it better if they were all adults.

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