Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Youtube LP Playlist: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Let’s Play Series
Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

This is by far the best Resident Evil incarnation I have seen in over a decade.

I was doubtful about the game at first. The last two or three have been failures, and even before that they were disappointing except for the first one. However, the fact that it was first person intrigued me. That was the one thing about Resident Evil I didn’t like was that it was third person.The story itself seemed interesting as well. In the swamps, in a family farm and no Umbrella representation that was evident in the trailer. All of these were true. It is a fresher take on things, a very enjoyable one at that.

The game itself is fun, the controls work well and the story is the bestI have seen. I think the story itself is better than even the original. It is creepy with lots of jump scares and slow build tensions. The use of the VHS player is also unexpected and a cool way to tell a larger version of the story.

I think my only issue in the game was by the end it had done what many games have (such as Outlast) it was less terrifying and more action based (still a bit scary). However, even with that I completely recommend this game.

Pros: Scary, a great story and the controls are pretty good.
Cons: The end of the game loses some of the horror aspect. Not too badly, but enough to be a little disappointing.

I will definitely be getting the next installment of the RE series.

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