Order of Battle: World War II Blitzkrieg Campaign

Youtube LP Playlist: Order of Battle: WWII Blitzkrieg
Systems: OSX, Microsoft Windows

This game heralds back to the days of Panzer General and other such games, it is not a bad strategy game, and worth the price.

This is the second time I have played the game. The first time consisted of playing the Americans during the Pacific Campaign (before Blitzkrieg came out). I got my butt handed to me, mostly because there is a learning curve and I wasn’t paying attention.

This second time around with the new DLC is pretty good. The AI is fairly smart, and there was some nail biting during the campaign. I went with Blitzkrieg because I still had a lot of learning curve left and I felt it was the least likely campaign to not involve naval combat (but it does, to a small degree). The game is turn based, with a fairly decent push for supply lines and speed. Those are the two parts I always have problems with in games, but I did figure it out here.

The one con for the game is graphics. This is back in the early 1990s for graphics (even Unity of Command’s graphics are better). I think this would be the one turnoff for some of the newer gamers. However, still not too bad of a thing.

Pros: AI is fairly good, replayability is high and is enjoyable..
Cons: Graphics are the one issue. If you need graphics, this isn’t the game for you.

I will definitely be playing the rest of the DLC, and will report back what I think.

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