Operation Hail Storm (book review)

Operation Hail Storm (Hail, #1)Operation Hail Storm by Brett Arquette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Book Type: Audible Book
Length: 14h 3m

Full disclosure, I was given an audiobook copy of this book by the author for a review.

A good techno-thriller novel that is easy to listen to.

First, I just want to say that any criticisms in this review are not meant to indicate the book isn’t good. I enjoyed it immensely. Rather, as someone who doesn’t read techno-thrillers regularly (and who hasn’t read one in almost thirty years) I was surprised by a few things. I hadn’t realized the genre was fairly similar to the romance genre in style. I thought by pointing out here for readers not familiar with techno thrillers things that seem to be normal for the genre.

The writing is smooth, easy to understand. You can start right into it without being familiar with the world. The writing does address technical aspects, but Mr. Arquette doesn’t get lost in big words, rather the descriptions work for people who don’t have a background in science. It makes it easy to understand what he is describing, and more than that it makes the reading interesting.

The story is about a man named Marshall Hail who is super smart, super rich, super famous and like Bruce Wayne seems to be ahead of the villains most of the time. If the main character was a woman, it would be called a Mary Sue. However, it works for the book. Marshall is still very entertaining.

Meanwhile most of the villains are fairly two dimensional bad guys, there as a means to move the story. The end of the book did give a shift in the Russian arms-dealer and hinted at more, but that was it. Even the government characters are more used as foils for Marshall.

Mr. Arquette has a fan now, and maybe I will check out more techno-thrillers to go with my collection of romance novels, and maybe I will try some of his writings that aren’t techno-thrillers.

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