Tomb Raider (2018)

Worth it? Catch it on Netflix. The movie was an incredible disappointment if you come in expecting Tomb Raider related to the series of games (or even previous movies). It made a so-so action movie with a bland taste and unoriginal story.

The acting was fine, there wasn’t a lot to show off the acting chops of anyone, but it wasn’t so horrible you cringe like you would on a straight to DVD movie. The story was bland, no real surprises and sadly no supernatural.

The lack of supernatural aspect was the most surprising part. It is the one thing that makes Tomb Raider the Tomb Raider you grew up with. Boss monsters, a bit of supernatural end of the world, etc was completely removed from the world. This was a straight forward action movie with no actual magic, or person locked in a tomb.

I really was disappointed they didn’t really stay with the video game reboot story. They kept a lot of chunks but left out most of the NPCs and all the cool portions of the story. The end result was a dry movie that was so bland and “meh” that I even now don’t remember everything.

The good: The acting was ok, but thats it – just ok.

The bad: The story was butchered and details of Lara Croft’s world so cut down that you wouldn’t recognize it as that world, even if some of the scenes were straight out of the video game.

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