Rampage (2018)

Worth it? Yes. Surprisingly far better then I had expected.

I didn’t have high hopes for Rampage, I figured it would be a horrible video game movie with the normal horrible video game tropes. However, it has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it so I as sure it would be fun. Maybe those low expectations helped as I was pleasantly surprised though to find it not just fun but a rock solid monster movie.

It won’t win any high drama awards, but it stayed in the lane of being a monster movie and because of that there were no other expectations on it that it could fail. It included the requisite monsters, government ineptitude, great special effects, brutal monster eating people sequences, an evil corporation, and a hermit like scientific primatologist who used to be special forces, what wasn’t there to like.

The even more surprising thing is that the movie did not feel like a video game movie. Maybe that is why I liked it so much. It didn’t have the cheesy video game tropes and instead just took the basis of the video game and made it a decent monster movie (much how I always liked that Resident Evil was unevenly successful at the same thing but as a horror movie).

Nothing negative to say about this, it is a solid action and special effects driven monster movie that has The Rock as an ex-special forces primatologist.

The good: Everything was rock solid as a monster movie. Much better then The Mummy in this respect. Special effects, monsters, the Rock all enjoyable.

The bad: There wasn’t anything bad as long as you come in expecting just a monster movie. I did feel bad for the wolf though, won’t anyone think about the wolf?

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