Deadpool 2 (2018)

Worth it? Yes

What about Black Tom!!!!

Deadpool 2 was as good as I had hoped and I will try and relate some of it to you without any sort of spoilers. The snark and humor were just as good as before, along with an excellent cast of supporting heroes, villains and people who want to be assassins.

The humor and gore was nonstop, the fighting sequences a lot of fun and the banter between the characters was definitely top notch. Ryan Reynolds did his thing, proving he is the only person who is capable of playing Deadpool.

The rest of the cast was great, I think Josh Brolin did great as Cable, playing the straight man to Reynold’s comic. The supporting characters were a lot of fun. Domino played by Zazie Beetz was an awesome new character that I hope comes back for more movies, while for some reason I still hold a soft spot for Peter.

The villains were just as interesting, although to be honest the worst villain out of all of them was not any of the superpowered ones, it was the headmaster of the school. While all the other bad guys had something humorous or interesting about them the headmaster was truly something evil, probably because he truly represents the banality of evil, no powers except authority given to him by his position, and no reason for his behavior except he is truly a bad person.

The only thing I could have done with less of was the fourth wall breaking. Don’t get me wrong, that is a schtick that is definitely Deadpool, but this time it felt like just a little too much for me.

That being said, if you liked Deadpool 2 you will absolutely love this. If you haven’t seen Deadpool but like funny, gross and inappropriate humor you will still love this. If that isn’t something that appeals to you, then I can’t help that you are dead inside.

The good: great actors, funny movie, excellent fight scenes with a strong moral message about love.

the bad: too much fourth wall breaking, and the fact that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t know if there will be another standalone Deadpool only film, he doesn’t want to milk the character dry (although the good news is he thinks a group movie with Deadpool in there would be possible).


The trailer is here:

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