The Fire Next Time (book review)

The Fire Next TimeThe Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Book Type: Audible Book
Length: 2h 265m

First off let me make this clear, James Baldwin was perfect in every way in this compilation of his written works.

I cannot “review” it looking for problems in prose, I can’t find any issues in the subject matter. All it had was pure heart in it, with a lot of wisdom.

Now, I am about as white as you can get and I have never had to feel the oppression of my race. I cannot compare my experiences in poverty as the same. There were some similarities, but once I got out of the trailer park, people treated me with the white privilege while I saw my best friend who isn’t white be treated crappy (and he is the one that came from money).

However, as someone who is married to another guy and in the LGBTQ spectrum this book still speaks to me on so many levels. I realize that Mr. Baldwin was within that spectrum too and maybe I picked up on that part. The struggle for acceptance, the desire for others to treat you as they would themselves, and even down to the part where he disagrees with people who purport to represent is cause (I definitely have seen that in my causes).

I daresay the only problem I have with his writings is that there isn’t enough of them. I do plan on reading Giovanni’s Room next.

I can’t say it enough, everyone should read this, no matter your skin color. Maybe it will give my fellow white people a pause to reconsider what they take for granted and how they view things.

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  1. I’m asian and queer, and I loved the book as well! I think it’s so great because of course it does talk so eloquently about race, but it also speaks to something universal whether you’re a minority in one way or another.

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