Cargo (2018)

Worth it? Not really, definite Netflix or Redbox movie.

Sometimes shorter is better.

Based on a short 7 minute movie produced in 2013, this full length feature with Martin Freeman attempts to expand and give more life to the short movie in the 2013 Tropfest Australia entry.

The problem is, the short movie was incredible. In its short run time it delivers an extremely impactful punch, getting rid of all fat, and just grabbing you by the feels. I dare you not to be teary eyed with sadness and happiness at the end of it.


My understanding is that this short movie was an attempt to farm a larger movie out to Hollywood and to get backing for it. The writers are right, it is a movie that deserved to be made, it had a slight change of trajectory from normal zombie movies and it was incredibly interesting.

The problem is, the short film was pretty much perfection, that means even though the longer Freeman movie was interesting, pulse pounding and ultimately in the end gave similar feels, it was way too long.

The addition of the aboriginal slant is incredible, the new characters not in the short definitely bring life, but it seems too big and bloated to me. It couldn’t compare to the short film in the end, and I don’t think it ever had the chance.

Either way, Cargo is a good zombie movie, I would maybe say great except having seen the original and given that title to the 7 minute movie means this didn’t have a chance for me.

If you haven’t seen the short, you may be more impressed then I am, but I highly recommend the short film over the long form. It leaves you time to watch other good things that aren’t just retreads of an original.

The good: Good writing, diverse cast and unusual zombie storyline makes it definitely watchable.

the bad: the fact that it is a redo of the short film means it lost a lot of impact with me.


The trailer is here:

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