Far Cry 5 (video game review)

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Systems: PS4

I started the series with Far Cry 4 and was very pleased with the story, and the amount of action, so I waited happily for 5. I wasn’t disappointed overall, but that being said there were some deep issues with it.

The story itself is a great story. You show up with a U.S. Marshall to arrest a cult leader. As per Far Cry reality things go to hell and it becomes a sandbox of death.

They got rid of the whole tower mechanic, you don’t have to go to every point, and secure a tower so you can see the area and rinse and repeat. A lot of the missions though were typical, they repurposed the same mission several times.

The fighting seemed a bit easier in the mechanics, but the road is the ROAD OF DEATH. If you stayed on the road longer then a few minutes you would get swamped not only by cultists, but by animals. It was funny, but it gives me PTSD when I am driving in other games now.

The story itself I thought was very cool, and it wasn’t as shaming of conservatives as the previews would lead you to believe. Many of your allies are rednecks, and while they are incredibly rude and not PC, they were willing to fight with you. However, it did not give the super religious, bigoted outlook an easy time, and that was definitely a positive for me.

One aspect I did not like was the game forces you to go after the under-bosses once you hit a certain point, no matter what you are actually trying to do. I don’t like being forced into that, when I am trying to do some smaller missions and earn some money.

I do have to say the end was not what I expected and was disappointing. I will not go into details, but the end took a great game and brought it back down to only good.

Pros: Story is pretty good, graphics are great and the animal attacks were funnier then hell.
Cons: The rinse and repeat of the same missions to fill out time was frustrating. The forcing the under boss fights was annoying and the ending was disappointing.

The game though overall was good, and I do recommend it.


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