Schitt’s Creek (tv show)



Creator: Dan LevyEugene Levy
Stars: Eugene LevyCatherine O’HaraDan Levy 
Original Network: CBC Television, Netflix
Start Date: 2015

OVERALL: It is far more entertaining then it has any right to be..


After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain their morality and sanity.

Worth it? Yes, embarrassingly so.

I started watching it as something in the background while I work on the computer, I ended up watching most of it.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t some miraculous comedy, it is mostly funny, and definitely cringe worthy in some ways. I originally started watching it because Eugene Levy (the dad from American Pie) stars in it alongside his son Daniel Levy. I was curious if it was the same dad character… it isn’t.

The family starts out incredibly horrible, classist, snobby and annoying. The town of Schitt’s Creek starts out os ignorant bumpkins. Somewhere over the seasons the town becomes more interesting and you see deeper into them, while the Rose family learns to quit being uptight asses and they start to show some soft appreciative sides (except the Mom, Moira does change a little but I still really don’t like that character).

I was surprised at how it handled some things. David (the son) is bisexual. They are very clear about it, and it shows him kissing and dating men during the show. It isn’t made a big deal and the family and the town all seems to kind of accept it. The fact that it was just taken for granted that he would date guys too really bought a lot of good will from me. It isn’t a struggle for him to be accepted, he is accepted and if anyone dislikes him its because his family can sometimes be snobbish, not because he likes other men.

Pros: Easy to watch, you won’t miss much if you miss an episode, and some of the jokes are pretty funny.

Cons: It is the equivalent of popcorn, not really filling, nothing unusual tasting, but it passes the time.


Here is the trailer:




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