The Mist (tv show)



Creator: Christian Torpe
Stars: Morgan SpectorAlyssa SutherlandGus Birney
Based on: “The Mist”, by Stephen King
Original Network: BBC America, BBC Two, Netflix
Episode Dates: June 22, 2017 – August 24, 2017

OVERALL: Much like a lot of adapted works of King, there is good and bad in here. I would lean more towards good, but its a close call.


After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain their morality and sanity.

Worth it? Maybe, I am stuck on the edge… I should let the Mist decide for me.

I can’t decide if it should be cast onto the trash heap, or if I want to see a second season.

The story has a lot of good possibilities, and I like the basic setup of MOST of the characters. I especially loved Frances Conroy (from American Horror Story) and Alyssa Sutherland (from Vikings). The chemistry for almost all the characters is good.

The writing however isn’t so good. Some of the deaths in the Mist were pretty hokey, and the base conceits of the story and characters were overdone tropes. The movie was a lot better in writing and direction, then again it was Frank Darabont so of course it was better.

The changes in what they had the Mist doing and how it effected people was also new and interesting, and allows a lot of possibilities in the universe. As a person who runs tabletop roleplaying games it would be a fantastic world to set a game up in (well not a long term game, more like a Call of Cthulhu game where everyone will die eventually, or at least most everyone).

I could get past some of the bad acting (it was only some acting that was bad), I can get past the hokey deaths as well. What I am having a hard time getting past is a trope they centered on one of the characters. This is a spoiler, so don’t read any further if you don’t want to know details!!!

I dislike Adrian, the gay/bisexual/weirdo kid dynamic with Jay, the popular jock. In this show Adrian is the only real LGBTQ character (his sexuality is more on specific people not gender) but he is also a rapist and a monster who turns on people. He is the only queer representation in the entire series and they make him the bad guy, while the jock named Jay is actually altruistic and falsely accused of raping the main teenage girl in the story.

Are we back in the 1960s where the only queer representation is a monstrous rapist who is not trustworthy and who kills and rapes his own family/friends group. Oh, I forget there was one other possible queer character who is a bully and beats people up to cover up his homophobic behavior.

I don’t mind that Jay is innocent and he is a good kid, my issue is that the monster is the one queer character in the entire show. I am not sure I can get past that.

Pros: Great possibility, lots of options as a storyteller.

Cons: Horrific stereotype of LGBTQ, bad directing and really hokey deaths on occasions (really leeches falling on someone from the ceiling.

Here is the trailer:


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