Witcher 3 DLC: Blood and Wine (Video Game Review)

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Systems: PS4

In CD Projekt Red’s final outing with the Witcher series, they managed to cap off one of the best stories, roleplaying and quest based games on top.

The DLC alone is bigger then many full games, and when combined with the original game other other DLC completes the world. This time instead of a dark, dreary Eastern Europe, it takes place in a more western fantasy, knights and kings setting.

The new location has just as many monsters, but where the original game was dark in both mood and visuals, the DLC in Toussaint brings a light and brightness to the visuals, with just as many dark story aspects. After all it wouldn’t be the Witcher without those aspects.

It even brings in a new mechanic that doesn’t feeling jarring, and just adds to Geralt’s power, bringing him even higher in scope, but facing foes that are his equal. You never feel overpowering, yet you never have that sense of not getting somewhere with his development.

The best part though was and always will be the story. Filled with many hours of enjoyment, this DLC is as good as any book you would read.

It is sad, this is the final installment of Geralt, however I much prefer it going out on top of its game, and not because of a cash grab.

Pros: Story is wonderful, the graphics are great and improved since the main game, and it leads to many hours worth of gaming in your future.
Cons: This is the last installment of Geralt, however it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth a full replay in the future.

There is not a game I could recommend more than Witcher 3, and this final DLC “Blood and Wine” is perfect in wrapping it up.

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