Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (tv show)



Created By: Carlton CuseGraham Roland
Stars:  John KrasinskiWendell PierceJohn Hoogenakker, Ali Suliman
Based on: “Jack Ryan Universe”, by Tom Clancy
Original Network: Amazon
First episode date: August 31, 2018
Number of Episodes: 8
Number of Seasons: 1

OVERALL: A little rocky on some parts, but overall an enjoyable show.


An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit.


Currently we have only watched season 1. Additional seasons will be added as they come out.


First let me get this out there, as I grow older the less patience I have with flag waving bravado that has no merit and doesn’t give at least a cursory exam on the other side. Not really interested in propaganda. I was pretty sure this was going to be exactly like that.

Now, that being said, Jack Ryan was a pretty even handed, although a bit rah rah in its outlook. They managed to give the “bad guy” a backstory that gives him some sympathy. They made him smart and three dimensional. I honestly think they did great with the character and his arc across the season.

I enjoyed that they seemed to wrap up that story completely by the end of the season. This gives me a hope that this is more of an anthology series, with different stories of different missions for Jack Ryan. I really like how a lot of series have started this (thank you American Horror Story for trailblazing). I especially like they limited to 8 episodes. I would rather have less episodes that are better story wise overall, then too much fluff in the middle.

I did enjoy the first half of the season exploring Jack Ryan (John Krasinski). He suprised me, as an actor from the show “The Office” I really didn’t expect him to do well with the role. In the end he did pretty well.

The character Jack Ryan did have some problematic issues for me. They couldn’t decide if he was a hardcore badass, who survived possible death and was a combat genius, yet was so shocked that his boss would make deals with “bad guys” to get information. The naïveté combined with the warrior theme really didn’t jive with me. I especially hated when he lost his temper while on a mission. It broke any “realism” cred that he had before that.

The fact that they made torture seemed like it was efficient and effective is a joke, and having Ryan stand up to interrupt anyone and speak to the president directly without getting fired (no matter what he said) really annoyed me (coming from someone who worked for the DoD in a civilian position for over four years, no way that happens).

The direction, story writing (other than what I talked about above) and acting by everyone was on point and definitely worth it. I didn’t really like the relationship between Greer and Ryan, I know they are trying to shoehorn that relationship to end up like the movies, but it isn’t working for me.


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