Lost in Space (2018) (tv show)



Created By: Matt SazamaBurk SharplessIrwin Allen
Stars: Molly ParkerToby StephensMaxwell Jenkins
Based on: Original Lost In Space tv show (1965)
Original Network: Netflix
First episode date: April 13, 2018
Number of Episodes: 10
Number of Seasons: 1

OVERALL: There are some great points, but sadly the Dr. Smith storyline turns this into just a “meh” show.


After crash-landing on an alien planet, the Robinson family fight against all odds to survive and escape, but they’re surrounded by hidden dangers.


Currently we have only watched season 1. At this time I am unsure if there will be more on my part.


I really wanted to like this show. I had only ever watched the original show in passing as a child, but something about this made me want to like it. For the first few episodes they had me on board as well. That is until Dr. Smith.

The show itself isn’t the best written show. Rather than being about a family lost in space it has more to do with CW’s the 100 then about the family. There was just a little too much politics for my taste, but even then I still was enjoying it.

The interaction between the children was ok. You get a general idea of what happened between the parents and kids, but it really is just a rehash of archtypes you would see on a dozen other shows. That being said it wasn’t bad and I didn’t mind.

The parents I liked a bit more. It was interesting to see what Maureen did to get the family on board, and I enjoyed seeing John Robinson trying to reacclimatize himself into family life from a strongly special operations life.

The problem comes in with Dr. Smith. I only vaguely know the original Dr. Smith storyline, but my memory suggests he was a selfish, cantankerous person, but someone people could live with. This Dr. Smith is purely evil to be evil and crazy. Her storyline jumps around and I think the actress is great, but the writing sucks. It is a shame too because I liked they made Dr. Smith a woman.

Funny enough, what I had anticipated to be the Dr. Smith influence in the series was more closely associated with Victor Dhar. A person thinking they are doing the right thing but are being selfish and underhanded. I liked his representation and really did wish that was the kind of character Dr. Smith was.

I realize a lot of people focus on the robot and Will Robinson, but after the first few episodes that just became a buzz at the edges of the show. Not sure why, but I didn’t really feel a connection between the characters and I absolutely hated the Dr. Smith inserting herself between them. It felt really formulaic and honestly stupid.

By the end of the season I had to force myself through the last two episodes. It isn’t horrible, it just isn’t good. If you have nothing else to watch, maybe it is a good option. However, with so much more out there I don’t think I am going to put anymore time into after this review.


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