Dauntless (book review)

Dauntless (The Lost Fleet, #1)Dauntless by Jack Campbell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nothing too new, but enough little things to make it interesting.

I wasn’t expecting to like this book very much. The last several military sci-fi or even just military fiction books have been disappointing. Maybe that makes me more open to this book, I couldn’t tell you.

What I can tell you is that while the character is by default a gary stu, it isn’t like most. They show were he can’t keep up with the expectations of those in the current day against his reputation and he can’t really process, understand or even approve of the tactics that have happened after his disappearance.

The character interaction is a higher level than expected, the tactics and just military writing shows that the author is very familiar with naval strategy and I think he brought his background in it for that pretty well.

I do recommend it, I am going to pick up the next book soon and get into it. Hopefully the first book was just the beginning.

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