History of Ancient Egypt (book review)

The History of Ancient EgyptThe History of Ancient Egypt by Bob Brier
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The absolute best resource on ancient Egypt I have seen.

Bob Brier is probably the best presenting college professor I have had the pleasure of listening or watching. His absolute knowledge of the subject, the fact he is an Egyptologist himself and the only person to recreate creating a mummy I have heard of just underlines his knowledge.

He reviews 3,000 years of history in 30 hours or so, packing each 30 minute lesson full of interesting details. He clarifies many myths we are told about and underscores how they weren’t quite so primitive as we think.

The breadth of the entire course is massive. He brushes just about everything niche subject you would want to know about Egypt. Do you like medicine, he covers it some. Do you like magical and religious beliefs, there you go. Do you like drama and romance… even some of that is there.

You cannot go wrong listening to Bob if you like Egpyt. He has everything and I just can’t recommend his courses more.

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