1066: The Year That Changed Everything (book review)

1066: The Year That Changed Everything1066: The Year That Changed Everything by Jennifer Paxton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An excellent starter guide to 1066.

1066, a year that changed England and by default changed Europe and on top America. It doesn’t get covered much in classes here in the United States, all I ever really knew was about the battle itself and that it changed things.

These short lectures go in detail on the cultures of the different sides, the leaders and the politics of the time. It also was the first time that I heard of the Queen of England who was queen twice, once for the Nordic side, then for the Normans.

It will leaving you wanting to know more, whether you interpret that as a good place or are annoyed that it wasn’t more detailed will be up to the individual.

All I can say is I liked it, it is a little studied historical event that isn’t covered in America much. I recommend if you like it, get it.

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