Christmas Eve, 1914 (book review)

Christmas Eve, 1914Christmas Eve, 1914 by Charles Olivier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An engrossing hour of audio.

This is one of the free books provided by Audible to their members and it was the first one that I actually liked. A fictional account of the Christmas Miracle of 1914 with the Germans and Allies declaring a truce for Christmas.

The real facts behind this are just as amazing, so impactful was the troop driven truce that commanders after 1914 never again allowed their troops the latitude to do something like this, realizing that it might soften the image of the enemy and the troops would realize the sham of the war.

The narration and acting in the audiobook was good. The story concise and the fact they got people that sounded British to me to play the British parts and a German to play the German part only made it that much more interested.

It is worth the time and I highly recommend it.

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