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It (2017)

Worth it? Yes. Absolutely worth seeing.

I am a bit biased, I have always liked Stephen King’s books, and his movies. Yes, even the horrible ones. I do love the original tv series with Tim Curry, but Bill Skarsgard is just as good, but in a more horrific way.



The first thing you have to know, this is only half the book. This is the kid portion of the story. They have already hired the writer and are starting the sequel which is supposed to be the adult story. They even ended the movie with a “chapter one” meaning they knew they were going to do it.

So let’s focus on the kids. They are all great, including the mouthy Finn from Stranger Things. The acting was great, the stories for each kid were interesting, and horrifying in their own ways (especially Henry and Beverly’s, yes even the bad kid Henry had an interesting and almost heart breaking childhood).

The effects were great, but they didn’t lean on them too much, a lot of darkness, a lot of charging attacks, but nothing so horribly CGI that it would jar. Although the greatest effect was Bill Skarsgard himself. The voices he could make, the looks he gave, especially the intensity, were the most horrifying thing in the movie.

The directing was great too. They cut the story down, made it lean by doing something I wasn’t sure about, only covering half the book. They also got rid of the group sex scene from the book, definitely made it less skeevy that way. All the decisions I saw made the movie better.

I rank it up there with Kubrick’s the Shining as one of my favorite King movies.

The good: Everything. The acting, directing and of course the source material.

The bad: I did feel like I was missing something, but that is because I have read the book and watched the mini-series and it felt strange to not have the adult half of the story. It was a good choice, and that bad is on me, but it was the one thing that made me hesitate.


The Mummy (2017)

mummuyWorth it? Nope, not even close.

What the hell did I just see?

This has to be the worst movie I have seen in a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the experience of going to see it. It gave me some ideas of what to do and not do in a future roleplaying game I will run, but definitely that was a big piece of trash.


First let’s get this out of the way. The movie isn’t really about “The Mummy”. It is a masturbatory story for and about Tom Cruise.

The Mummy character itself was given the shaft in this movie. The actress (Sofia Boutella) and the character (named Ahmanet) is what I find to be the best part of the movie. She is beautiful, powerful and even with her limited material had a great intensity. She was the only good thing in the movie. Yet she had what seemed like the least runtime out of her, the blonde girl, Cruise or Crowe. There was so much potential with her, yet they hacked her part apart so badly she seemed like a bit player in the movie.

Russell Crowe was both good and bad. I like Russell Crowe, and I don’t feel bad about it. I liked the witty comments of Mr. Hyde, and I realize Crowe can have a wooden performance, but in this case, the character itself was written poorly, so Crowe didn’t have much to work with.

Cruise’s love interest (I will refer to her as the nameless blond) was horrible. She was so bad I don’t remember her character or the actresses’ name. To make it even worse, I don’t care to know it. Her character was cardboard, flavorless and absolutely did nothing for me. I realize I can’t blame that on the actress, but evidently I don’t even care enough to try and get past that.

Tom Cruise is problematic in a lot of ways. I like him in some roles (yes I liked Collateral and the Last Samurai). He is flavorless as well in things like Mission Impossible. Then he is horrible in movies like in this one. I hated his character itself, the presented personality, the cockiness, just about everything he said made me wish I could blow him up with my mind.

The worst part of the movie is the fact they butchered all of the Mummy’s (Ahmanet) parts so Cruise could have a larger part. I hear it is because the director was a rookie and Cruise was “helping” the director, but that didn’t help anything at all for me.

I also disliked what Cruise’s character became, I realize he is the referential “Mummy”, and I didn’t consider that suave, cool or even a surprise. I was just disappointed that she wasn’t the Mummy in future films (except maybe a villain). That was the biggest disappointment for me.

This was the first movie in a new film franchise, the “Dark Universe” that combines all of Universal’s monster IPs into a single Marvel/DC type thing. They want to share the universe with Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc.

I think that is an awesome idea. The problem here is they went too far into it for the first movie. They wanted to make references to too many things and instead there was too much explanatory setup and too little story about the Mummy. They would have been better off to have a few easter eggs of the other IPs, and maybe a cameo. Some say Crowe was a cameo, that wasn’t a cameo, that was way too large a part to be anything but disasterous.

The good: Sofia Boutella was a great actress, and her character was awesome. I will follow her more.

The bad: Everything else was eye gougingly bad… except Russel Crowe, he was ok.

Alien: Covenant (2017)

Worth it? Yes, but it isn’t the best of the franchise.

Not the best ,not the worst, wasn’t bad at all.

First let me be blunt and explain that I like Alien movies in general. It is true since Aliens, the franchise isn’t as good, but I still like the idea and the series.

I came into the movie with a low expectation, and it probably helped me with the movie experience. I haven’t seen a “good” alien movie in a long time so I thought this would suck. It didn’t, I enjoyed chunks of it. The chunks that were actually Alien.

The acting itself was decent, the filming was good and not nearly as dark as I was worried about. I will try not to reveal too many spoilers, but the down part for me was when they ended up interacting with the Prometheus storyline. It really is Prometheus 2: Alien Covenant.

I really feel if they had avoided the interaction with Prometheus, this movie would have been good, as it is, it is still decent, if you just ignoring the androids (although I like Walter, Walter was pretty cool). Sadly I can’t go into anymore because of spoilers, suffice to say it didn’t suck too badly.

The good: It is an Alien movie, this means all the good of other Alien movies.

The bad: Dear god stop with anything Prometheus please!

I will probably see more, I might be hesitant now but we all know how I am.

Get Out (2017)

Worth it? Yes, Absolutely hands down you must see it!

I had heard this was a great movie, and I was not disappointed.

I will first agree that as a white male, no matter how poor I grew up there is a lot of privilege and safety in who I was born as. I haven’t had to walk in the shoes of a minority like that so my view on this is of course from the outside.

I don’t understand how its determined a comedy/horror movie. There were a couple of amusing parts but the whole thing reads like a horror movie, a very well written, well directed, well acted horror movie.

The movie itself is a slow build up from the beginning. The actual action of the movie only starts towards the end, but Peele’s story keeps you enthralled anyways. I really found myself liking the main character Chris and I was rooting for him the whole movie. His girlfriend Rosie wasn’t my favorite as a character, but the actress did great herself it was just the character I didn’t like.

The hero of the movie to me though was Rod. He was pretty funny, and maybe that is why they call it a comedy, but I found he stole the show for me.

The trailers are pretty straight forward with the story, but you will still enjoy it and there are still surprises. By the end of the movie I didn’t trust white people and I pretty much embarrassed to be white by the end, although in full disclosure I don’t really trust white people anyways and am embarrassed by them regularly, but that is beside the point.

I can’t recommend it enough that people should see this movie.

The good: I was impressed with how much the story stuck with me. It was full of great acting, directing and writing and I would be happy to pay theater prices again to see more of Peele’s stuff if he does this type of horror again.

The bad: Nothing bad that I could point to.

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Worth it? Yes

There are some slight spoilers, not about the movie plot but about the world.

Kong:Skull Island was a surprise to me. I had walked into the movie with my husband expecting a bad movie, or at the very least something like the most recent version of Godzilla. However, for what it was, it was a lot better. That would be a summer blockbusting creature feature.

Don’t get me wrong, Kong won’t win any drama awards. It is a B grade monster movie filmed with a AAA budget. The budget was worth it though. The effects were believable and very enjoyable. The only issue I had with the filming was the transition from night scenes to day scenes left me blind for a few seconds.

The acting was decent for what they had. The only really fleshed out character was John Reilly as a shot down American Pilot (if you have seen a preview or trailer you already know he who is, the funny older guy). John Goodman, Samuel L Jackson, and team are all good at what they do, but they just weren’t fleshed out. Their characters were generic.

Probably the most interesting part though was little Easter eggs laid around that indicated Mothra, Godzilla and I believe King Ghidorah. It even includes a monster hunting organization. I love the idea of a marvel level universe for the large monsters. This is a good idea, almost as good of an idea as Universal’s monster universe started by the remake of the Mummy next month.

The good: It hit all the right notes for a monster movie, action, adventure, no reliance on arbitrary romance. I didn’t detect any racist stereotyping and I really liked that it was set in 1973.

The bad: Some of the effects were filmed for 3D, I did not watch that version, but even the flat 2D screen was annoying when it tried to push those scenes into the movie. Also, I would have liked more monstrous creatures on the island.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

Worth it? Yes

Well it happened, one of the most iconic movie series in my adult life is ending and it took us by a big surprise, it was pretty good, especially for its status as a B grade horror movie. What I really love (and this isn’t a spoiler since its in the previews) is that it comes back to Raccoon City.

Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be winning any sort of acting awards, the writing isn’t Oscar worthy and the special effects are lagging behind. However, even with all of that it was the most cohesive chapter of the series to date.

We originally saw the original Resident Evil when it first came out, since then, barring a single movie, we have seen them all in the theater. Much like the Underworld series, it is just a thing we do.

I was surprised at how well everyone looks (especially Milla) after so many movies and so many years. However, like Kate Beckinsale she probably doesn’t have a lot more time in that she could do this movie and supposedly be the same character at the same age.

Out of all of these movies, this definitely had the most cohesive plot. The wrapped up several strings, and even brought in some new things that were maybe a little obvious but they worked well with it. Contrary to some of the movies in the middle though it kept my attention, and entertained us. We were a bit sad to see it wrapping up, it rests up there as a tie for second place for my favorite RE movie (no matter what I do, the original RE always keeps its spot).

Pros: Cohesive storyline, not bad acting, and a satisfying conclusion.

Cons: For a B grade theater movie there really isn’t any big cons except this is the final chapter.

Final words, definitely go see it in the theater.

World War Z (2013)

Worth it? Meh, if you are hoping a great creation based on the book you will be mightily disappointed, if you want just an average zombie movie this might be ok.

World War Z (Movie)
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816711/
I am warring with myself about World War Z. The original story was written as a compilation of short stories with a reporter named Gerry Lane. I definitely think it is a defining piece of literature that sparked a increase in the lore of the whole zombie schtick. The book is heads and tails better than Walking Dead (and I like the Walking Dead). The movie had NONE of that, just the title.

As a remake of the book it was an F (not even a D- because by using the title it LIED).  As a stand alone movie it was decent blockbuster/summer movie. The plot wasn’t incredibly complicated, there really was barely a plot. It was mostly a movie to show different locales and different special effects. Then again, isn’t that what a summer popcorn movie is about?

In addition to the normal flaws, there were a few additional ones that bear mention. The first was physics itself. Let’s start with the “anthill” effect that the zombies would do climbing up. Even insects like ants have a limit and they have a hard outer shell. I doubt mightily that human body can swarm up 10-20 stories in the air. Especially since they were showing the zombies not being crushed into a puddle blood.

Another example was the grenade on the plane. A plane that is pressurized will not blow out people like they always show. There was even a Mythbusters that was based on this. The most you could hope for was the explosion would blow out some people, and maybe some would fall when the wall was blown out. This was just another small issue I had.

Lets move onto the medical science. First, lets get rid of the idea that there is any known virus or bacteria could control a dead body. The science bothers me and I have never heard anything that would convince me. I think honestly these sort of things should leave it up to the imagination. I realize there is some interest in the idea of how it travels, but I mostly think it would be better not to tie it down in the movie/book (although if I ever do run that RPG campaign based in  a zombie world I might readdress this).

The second part that bugged me medically was by far the worst part. The idea that zombies ignore people who are terminally ill seems both stupid and weird deus ex machina. Why wouldn’t the zombies utilize all bodies? There seemed to be no other use for the zombies but to overwhelm the humans. Its not like there are different stages of zombies, or a pure desire to repopulate. Why would zombies fear a disease WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD. That seems to be the ultimate in terminal illness issues. So without a deeper reason why they avoid sick people that was what really dragged the movie down.

The explanation that a zombie “senses” if someone is sick and determines if they attack them makes no sense to me. The movie portrayed the zombies hunted things they could see and hear. This would explain why the singing in Israel interested them, and why they would attack people in cars that are rolled up but could see through the glass. There is no way I can figure that a zombie could detect if someone is sick or not when they are in a rolled up car. It seems if they don’t want to waste their energy infecting a sick person, why would they risk destroying multiple bodies on someone they can’t even see clearly. So I hated the ending of the movie.
However, just the action level itself was decent, pacing was fairly good and I really really liked the Israeli Defense Force soldier Segen (played by actress Daniella Kertesz). A side effect is I felt old as Daniella was born the same year I graduated high school.

Overall it was a B- or C+. I would have been disappointed at the movies, but a Netflix DVD it wasn’t bad. I would recommend it for a single sitting. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it though.

Now if they would only really remake World War Z (or maybe I need to listen to the audio book that was rereleased with something like 12 more chapters). Maybe I will do a bigger movie review on my blog… muahahahahaha…